What Does Mike Use?

Mike Lee has always worn Wrangler clothing. The 2017 season he has chosen a new color to replace his red shirts of 2016.  Wrangler makes the George Strait collection with the new Turquoise color with wooden buttons.  Mike is normally a pearl snaps guy but he likes the turquoise color so much he's willing to give up the pearl snaps.  He has to wear a medium in these shirts because they are the tall edition, so a little big if in a large.

Click here for the George Strait turquoise shirts.

Mike wears the 02 Cool Vantage Competition Jeans

Mike is currently using a hockey helmet purchased from Ice Warehouse

CCM FitLite FL60 Hockey Helmets

Cowboy Hat - Alamosa Hat Works has been making Mike Lee custom hats for years.  

Bull Riding Vest - Phoenix Performance Vests http://www.phoenixperformance.com/

Chaps - Red chaps made by All in Custom Leather.

Gloves - Mike uses Churchill Gloves provided by Churchill Gloves. http://www.jrcglove.com/

For health and wellness Mike uses:
Play Again Now

The BevBuckle - Mike likes cool twists on buckles and when he found BevBuckle he thought it was a pretty cool product.