PBR World Champion Mike Lee

A sponsorship with World Champion Bull Rider Mike Lee can be a strategic and 
beneficial move for your company.

​Why sponsor Professional Bull Rider World Champion and 
Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS) Champion Mike Lee?

  • Mike Lee is considered one of the most consistent and successful bull riders in PBR history.
  • 2004 PBR World Champion and BFTS Champion in the same year.
  • Been in the elite PBR Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS) 15 consecutive year, which is a record.
  • Qualified for the PBR BFTS Finals 15 consecutive years, which is a record.
  • Has ridden of 500 PBR BFTS qualified rides, which only one other rider in PBR history has accomplished.
  • Is consistently at events, not taken out by injury. He has been able to represent the companies that he endorses at PBR BFTS, Velocity, and TPD events through out the year.
  • Lee only takes off two weeks a year, otherwise is competing around the country – caring company’s brands with him.
  • Lee works hard to attend every autograph signing available and will typically be the first one there and the last one to leave.
  • Lee has a huge and loyal fan base.
  • Lee is recognized as having one of the best social media interaction in the PBR. His posts recognize his sponsors, shares their pages/links, websites, and promotes their products.

As of Nov. 11, 2016
  • Finished the PBR BFTS in 10th place 2016. Attended 67 events. 35.53% riding average.
  • Finished the PBR TPD in 4th place 2016. Attended 17 events. 46.15% riding average.
  • Finished the PBR Velocity in 10th place 2016. Attended 12 events 50% riding average 

Career Stats:
  • Attended over 643 PBR events
  • 1440 PBR outs
  • 758 Rides
  • 37 90 pt Rides
  • 47 event wins
  • 169 top 5’s
  • 274 top 10’s
  • 100,427.36 Total points earned in the PBR 
  • 2301.66 2016 PBR world points 
  • 12,175.50 Career Final Points 
  • 87,570 Career BFTS points
  • #6 All Time PBR Money Earner with more than $3,841,159.71
  • Has competed in 15 consecutive World Finals, and 15 years in the PBR BFTS which is a record in the PBR

Other important stats:
  • 2004 World Champion
  • 2004 World Finals Winner
  • First PBR bull rider to win both events in one year
  • He has been in top standings every year for his entire PBR career.
  • Qualified for 15 World Finals Competitions held each October in Las Vegas, NV
  • 1 of 4 riders in the 20 year history of the PBR with more than 800 outs (times on a bull at events)
  • 1 of 2 with over 500 PBR BFTS qualified rides (rides that made the 8 seconds requirement)
  • Won the Calgary Stampede in 2008
  • Represented the USA in the 2010 World Cup, an event where 25 riders, from 5 different countries, compete
  • Finished in the Top 10 of the world standings 7 times

According the PBR Website article, Winners of the 2015 BFTS Summer Break, “Mike Lee was the PBR’s strongest bull rider for the second consecutive summer.”

Mike Lee World Finals Standings by year show his consistency and success in this industry:

2016     10th
2015     18th
2014     7th
2013     10th
2012     13th
2011     17th
2010     5th
2009     28th
2008     8th
2007     15th
2006     3rd
2005     36th (due to injury, but still made finals)
2004     1st
2003     6th
2002     11th​


There are multiple places for logo placement:
  • front of vest
  • back of vest
  • shirt - sleeve, collar, front, back
  • chaps
  • hat
  • helmet - sides, top
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • website
  • YouTube

  • photo shoots
  • autograph signings
  • videos
Ways to sponsor:

  • monetarily
  • product equivalent to a monetary sponsorship
  • travel - air fare, gas cards, rental car
  • equipment such as tractor, bull riding equipment, arena equipment, truck, car, etc.

Sponsorship levels can include a variety of the above as well as for different amount of time.

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