Sioux Falls PBR BFTS 2016

It was a great weekend for Mike Lee in Sioux Falls, SD. Mike not only had some incredible rides this weekend he also had a great time with the fans at the Walmart autograph signings Thursday and Saturday.  The fans came out in full force to meet the man who is about to enter the 500 Club -  a club only shared by one other PBR rider - Guilherme Marchi.

Rd 1 - Lee vs The Hulk (Bierema Rodeo Inc) 79.75 6th place finish in round 1 earning 15 pts
Rd 2 - Lee vs Vegas Outlaw (Jared Allen's Pro Bull Team).  5th place finish in Round 2 earning 30 pts
Rd 3 15/15 - Lee vs Airtime. 2.06 seconds earning Air time the 45.75 points to tie with Wicked for the 2nd highest bull score of that round.
Championship round - Lee vs Airtime (Jared Allen's Pro Bull Team) Mike bucked off at 2.06 sec.

Mike earned 240 points for  finishing 2nd in the event average moving him from 12th to 16th in the world standings.
According to the PBR article, Behind the Chutes, Lee Closer to History by Justin Felisko, Mike shared, "To tell you the truth, I got to go to a couple of Touring Pros,” Lee said. “I don’t know. I just relax more over there when I go to Touring Pros.”