Going to Work

When I asked Mike Lee for a quote about reaching the 500 qualified rides mark in the PBR BFTS, he shared that to him it’s just a number. 

Bull riding is his job and Saturday in Billings was just going to work like any other day. 

He’s worked hard to get to this 500, not that 500 was ever the goal. 500 qualified rides is the result of training, hard work, endurance, grit, faithfulness, and being an over comer. It didn’t come easy.  All great achievements come from a lifestyle of self-discipline and an intense purpose in life that is motivated by an inner knowing that 

your destiny is not your own but is in the hands of God.

Mike spends his week days at home, working the land. Putting up fence, tractor work, foundations – all being built by him. Yet, he knows the goal, he sees the finish line – a productive property with a home for his family.

Mike spends his weekends traveling, working in the PBR riding bulls. He trains, works his body, and prepares mentally to do his job in the PBR and we can all agree he does it very well. The goal and finish line is pursued each event – to glorify God and bring honor to His name.

We all have a goal, a purpose, a destiny. 

Ultimately it will be to stand before God. 

While on earth, the foundations to reach the goals cannot be side stepped or rushed. It takes time to attain what Mike attained this weekend, 500 qualified rides in the PBR, and it will take time for him to work the land and build the new home –  

step by step, fence post by fence post, ride by ride.