Mike Lee at Round Two of PBR World Finals, Las Vegas

As a PBR bull rider, you never know what is going to be thrown your way.  While training methods will prepare a rider for what he may or may not experience, when the chute opens, there’s no guarantee of the outcome.  What makes Mike Lee such an excellent rider is that he has the experience and determination to take each moment as it comes and react accordingly – no matter what happens.

For Lee, round two of the PBR world finals was a perfect example of this.  Although he injured his shoulder his wife, Dana Lee, says, “Mike Lee is OK.  Has a sore left shoulder, but his head is OK.  Thank you God for keeping him safe!”

Moving into round three tonight, Lee has picked I’m Your Huckleberry to ride.  Be sure to watch the live event on CBS sports at 9 p.m. ET or the online live streaming at www.pbr.com/live

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