The Lees Share Some of Their Health Living on the Road Products

Hey everyone it's Dana and I wanted to tell you about a great product me and my family love! 

Mike and I love to juice and eat healthy but it isn't always easy when you're on the road as much as we are. It's almost impossible to bring a juicer and fresh fruits and veggies with you to each event so when we found Juice Plus+ we were really excited. 

After using this product for over a year that excitement is still there! They have an awesome chewable gummy that has all the nutrients you need without the bulk and hassle of juicing! They also have a capsule if you prefer. 

Since starting Juice Plus+ I've noticed a big drop in my allergies and that Mike is healing a lot faster after injuries. We've also seen that our twins are missing a lot less days of school because of sickness. Me and my family love Juice Plus+ and we know yours will too so check them out and see all the great products they have! They're complete shakes are amazing too!