Mike Lee's New Sponsor - Baby BanZ

Mike Lee is proud to announce his newest sponsor, Baby BanZ. 

Baby BanZ provides quality protection gear for infants and young children.

Lee’s initial connection with the company was through his wife Dana’s purchase of a set of Baby BanZ ear protection for their infant son, Peter.  Peter wears them to every PBR event to protect his sensitive ears against the loud sounds of the arena.  With his Baby BanZ, the Lees are able to bring Peter to his
Dad’s events so he can be part of the family action.    

In addition to ear protection, Baby BanZ provides a variety of 100% UV protective sunglasses, swim
goggles, mirrored Ski BanZ, UPF 50+ swimwear and sun hats, jackets, wet suits, swim shoes, UV sun shelters, and sunscreen. 

Click Here to view Baby BanZ products. By purchasing through this website, you can become a Fan Sponsor - your way to bless the Lee family.