Mike Lee VS Bushwacker Results

It was a long night for Mike Lee.  He rode six bulls Wednesday night, the last being Bushwacker.

The first bull of the night caused Mike to strain his groin, but he kept on going, bull after bull, riding each one with dedication and heart.  Besides God, his wife and kids, and family, there is nothing that Mike would rather be doing, than riding those bulls.  

The crowds and fans went wild as World Champion Mike Lee climbed on World Champion Bushwacker.

No one has ridden Bushwacker eight seconds since last August when JB Mauney rode him.

Even the bull's owner, Julio Morenas, said that Mike was a great match up for Bushwacker. Bushwacker could really show just how good he was with a rider of that caliber.

Mike went through his usual routine as he got his rope on the bull and slid forward.  Mike loosens up his body and then nods his head to open the gate.

The crowd in the stands went wild while the fans at home screamed and cheered, (my family being part of that online crowd).  Mike stayed on Bushwacker longer than anyone else so far this season.

5 Seconds!

Which is a victory in anyone's eyes considering the bull!

While it wasn't the eight seconds Mike wanted, he walked to the chute with a huge grin on his face and proud of the 5 he held on.

Post by PBR.

This is a video of Mike discussing his ride.