Mike Lee Still On a Roll!

Summer in the PBR brings more action as Mike Lee travels the country, riding at events and teaching at bull riding schools.  

Currently, the Lee's are in Mission, South Dakota teaching bull riding to another eager bunch of cowboys.

The beginning of June you could find Mike and the entire family at the Lane Frost Memorial Christian Bull Riding and Bull Fighting School.  

Mike, Dana, Teri, and the kids had a great time working with the young people who came to learn the ins and outs of bull riding and bull fighting. They got the students on horses, steers, mini bulls, and bulls as well as learning physical training and spiritual training.

The students all had a great time riding, learning, interacting with Mike, Frank Newsom, and the Frost family.

One of the highlights of the school is when Elsey Frost comes out to share the story of her son, Lane Frost.  Many hearts were touched and changed as they heard his incredible story.  

Mike always looks forward to working with his bull riding students and even said he thinks he may see a few of these bull riders in the future!

Mike Lee is still leading in a sport where he has become a legend.  He remains in the top five bull riders in the world.  His recent wins in Decator and Asheville are not a surprise to anyone.  All his fans are thrilled to see him continue to excel in this exciting sport.

According to his wife, Dana, Mike is on a roll.  She said everything in his life is in the right place and going great.  She knows he has what it takes to take the world finals this fall and she looks forward to cheering the loudest in the stands the entire way there!

“I think he can do anything, as long as he stays healthy and believes in himself, he has the ability.”  Dana said.  She went on to share that the family is trying to help him focus on eating right, exercising, stretching his muscles daily, and remaining positive.

“He loves riding. He is getting on 6 or 7 bulls a weekend and still loves it.  He looks forward to it every week.” She continued to share.

He isn’t the only one!  With his thousands of fans, we all are right there with them, cheering him on and looking forward to every event.

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