Mike Lee competes in the Iron Cowboy and The American in Arlington Texas

Mike Lee has been on a roll this year with success after success that has kept him top of the BFTS standings so far this season. 

 I thought about calling him and asking about his terrible wreck he had on Saturday in the Iron Cowboy PBR event.

 Or maybe his thoughts on his placing in the top four of The American on Sunday.

But, I already know the answer.  He will say he is sore but doing good.  He would also say that He thanks God for dying on the cross for us.  In the four years I have known Mike, no matter what happens to him, he is "fine" and he always gives the glory to God.

So instead of calling him today and asking him those questions, I decided to share something that is always in his heart- eternity.

This week I will share a missions trip Mike Lee took with his wife and other bull riders with Manna Worldwide to Guatemala.

Mike always attributes his success to God, feeling that without Him, he couldn't ride. Mike has looked death in the face and come out the victor but does not take credit for it.  He knows his Source for all things and reminds himself of it daily.

Mike also knows that whether 

on the top or bottom of the bull
on the top or bottom of the BFTS standings,

he is in God's hands.