With the Iron Cowboy and The American this weekend, what's on Mike Lee's mind?

Mike Lee continues to be in the top two this season in the Built Ford Tough Series with the PBR. His success isn’t short term - it is something that has been consistent since he got on his first bull at the age of 10.
Terry Good, photographer

I asked him how his leg feels after being stepped on by a bull in the Kansas City, MO, event last weekend.  He told me it’s fine and wasn’t hurt bad at all – just a little strawberry on it.

I put him on the spot and asked him for a quote.

“What about?”

“I don’t know. How ‘bout something you’ve never told anyone before!”

We both laughed as he is used to my crazy antics. I wanted to know what was on his mind going into the grueling weekend of The American and Iron Cowboy Events in Texas, and he came back with something thoughtful and heartfelt, just like I expected this man of faith and compassion would.

“Lately, I am really enjoying life. I’m really enjoy my family and riding bulls. You’d think riding bulls would get old by now, but it’s not. I really look forward to doing it. I cherish every moment. You never know when Jesus is gonna come. I’m just in that kind of mindset lately.”

Notice Mike laughing hard in the background.
Shae Smith loved the ride, but said his bull riding
career is over after his one and only ride.

Mike and I laughed as we talked about the time my husband got on one of his bulls and was bucked off. We enjoyed staying with him and his family for a month in 2010. 

One of the most ironic moments of our stay with him was on our last night there. My son, Gabriel, put in his PBR Wii game and chose the player on the game named “Mike Lee”. It was wild watching the real Mike Lee play himself on the PBR Wii game. 

When Chicken on a Chain was the next Wii bull for “Mike Lee” to ride, the real Mike Lee told us he had always wanted to ride him. We watched him take on that infamous bull like it was real life. Mike made sure the game was on the hardest setting and he played round after round with Gabriel. It was beyond awesome.

Mike is a real cowboy with a heart bigger than the state of Texas that he loves.

Terry Good, photographer

He not only loves to bull ride, but he loves family, people, and Jesus.