Mike Lee is in BFTS 1st Place after St. Louis PBR Event Feb 14-16

Mike Lee, once again, continues to show the world why he still has got what it takes to be a World Champion.

Mike Lee at the BFTS event in St. Louis
Terry Good, photographer

Since the 2014 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Season has begun, Mike has consistently proven that he is one of the best bull riders in the world. With his success this weekend in St. Louis, he rises to 1st place in the BFTS, where he has been almost all season.

His stats for 2014 are as follows 
(as of the publishing of this article)
  •         1st place in the BFTS
  •          3,340.50 pts
  •          7 events
  •          26 outs, 16 rides – 61.54%
  •          5 – Top 5’s
  •          6 – Top 10’s
  •     World Money $46,603.54

Career Stats
  •          309 Career events
  •          Career 874 outs, 444 rides – 50.8%
  •          Sixth in the PBR All Time Money Earners Stats with $3,344,159.69
  •          PBR World Finals Qualifications – 12 years in a row
For current stats go to his profile on the PBR website.

I asked Mike how it felt to be in 1st place and he replied, “God is good. I don’t have anything to do with it.”
He went on to say, “It is spooky being on top. It is hard as a Christian man because pride can sneak in real easy. I have to stay humble and I know that God is in control.”

“I just live for the moment. There is a lot less stress and that is what I am trying to do. When I get bucked off a bull, I am grateful because I learned something and I trust God. I don’t get angry like I used to. I’m tired of being stressed out.”

“I’m sick of the worldly way of thinking.”

Mike Lee thanks God after every ride.
Photo by Terry Good, photographer.
I asked him if there was something he wanted to tell his fans and he gave me the answer I knew he would. 

Mike is a simple man with one thing on his mind, and that is Jesus.

“I just want to say I believe in Christ and what Jesus did on the cross. I am very appreciative and humble for the way God lived for us and died for us.”

I asked him how it feels to be a new daddy again.

“Pretty cool. He is a good baby. He likes to eat and is very healthy. He can’t go long without eating!” He shared that his wife, Dana, is doing great and they are both excited to have little Peter John Lee.
With Mike, his success isn’t based on a percentage or statistic.  He trains hard, prepares physically and mentally for each event, and tries to take each ride as it comes but he understands that he is in God’s will and completely trusts his future to Him.

The World Champion Mike Lee is a lot like the World Champion bull Bushwacker -
  •      If you take the bucking out of Bushwacker he would lose who he is.
  •      If you take God out of Mike Lee, he would lose who he is.

Bushwacker is retiring this year and when I cautiously brought up the subject of retirement with Mike he said,

“I don’t see myself retiring unless God tells me to.” He plans on riding bulls for years to come.

Mike shared with me that he knows talking about Jesus and God is not politically correct but that is what’s important to him and he wants to share it.  So, as I prepared this article I just couldn't separate the two in it.
Mike Lee, Professional Bull Rider
Terry Good, photographer