Having fun at the PBR Charlotte, NC

Mike Lee came out in 4th place by the end of the event adding 140 pts to his world standing in the PBR BFTS.
Rd. 1 Mike Lee vs Mr. Big Stuff 85.50
Rd. 2 Mike Lee vs Cracker Jack - 86 pts

World Points - 2296.66
PBR BFTS Standings - 8th place
PBR BDVT Standings - 11th place
PBR TPD Standings - 6th place

PBR TPD Missoula MT

The summer run is almost over. Mike has traveled from coast to coast competing in the PBR - Professional Bull Riders events.

Tonight will be his last PBR TPD (Touring Pro Division) event until the BFTS (Built Ford Tough Series) starts back for the fall run leading to finals in Las Vegas.

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photo credit Terry Good/Sheri Smith

Lane Frost Memorial Christian Bull Riding and Bull Fighting School

“Lane Frost Memorial”  Christian Bull Riding and Bull Fighting School

June 20th to 22th 2016
Lane Frost Arena and Family Ranch in Lane, Okla.
Instructors: Mike Lee & Frank Newsom

Steer Riding (ages 7-11)
Mini / Junior Bull Riding (ages 12-14)